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Birkrigg Common

Birkrigg Common stands high above Morecambe Bay to the south of Ulverston. Limitless sky and uninterrupted views of the vast sands of Morecambe Bay are to be found on this public common.

The Druids Temple lies on the south-east side of Birkrigg about half a kilometre from the coast, overlooking the village of Bardsea. It consists of two concentric stone rings. Only about 30 concentric stone circles exist in the UK, the best example being Stonehenge. Several bronze age tumuli can be found on the Common.
Birkrigg Common Druids Temple stone circle

Druids Temple stone circle overlooking Morecambe Bay

Bardsea and chapel island

Bardsea with views past Chapel Island to the Lakes

Druids Temple overlooking sunbrick

Birkrigg Common with Sunbrick on the horizon

Druids Temple with a view past the Bardsea monument to the Lake District Peaks

Druids Temple looking past the Bardsea monument to the distant hills of the lake distric

Panoramic view of the distant Lake District

Panoramic shot of the lake district from Birkrigg with the Hoad (John Barrow Monument)on the left, which is a replica of Edison Lighthouse.

Hoad Monument

A more detailed view of the Hoad with an Amazing Windswept Hedge.

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